The A collection

The A collection is our collection of high quality kitchen doors made out of the sustainable material bamboo. The doors are easily adapted to fit your IKEA cabinets and they are all hand made in our workshop in Norway.

Moving in to our house we took down a lot of walls in order to make the rooms bigger. It was a typical 1930’s house, with lots of small rooms. But we loved it for its high ceilings giving us kind of the same vibe as in our old traditional apartment in Oslo. However upstairs it was not that separated and til now we have had two bedrooms. But we wanted to give the boys each their separate bedroom and to treat our selves with a fully functional home office. Since we are working so much from home. Therefore, this time, instead of tearing down a wall, we actually put up a wall to give us three bedrooms and a home office.

AE House I

A while back we were contacted by Holly from the renowned Avenue Design Studio, to work together on her new project and kitchen. For her house in Delft we wanted to do something extra special and therefore entered in collaboration with Avenue Design Studio to design a brand new pull.

House in Delft

The renowned Norwegian interior stylist- and designer Elisabeth Heier has a unique way of combining honest materials in a clean and architectural way. So when she approached Ask og Eng and asked us to be part of her latest renovation and create her a new kitchen, we could not have been happier.

In the home of interior designer Elisabeth Heier

This calm and simple kitchen, with enviable amount of natural light and a collection of our bamboo fronts on IKEA cabinets, looks so perfect in this house designed in the 30´s by architect Leif Grung. Wooden floors and warm natural materials against cool and simple surfaces, can never go wrong.

House in Bergen

Our Wheat finish

Wheat Kitchen

The Process

How to buy doors and drawer fronts from the A collection

1. Plan your

Firstly, we encourage you to visit your nearest IKEA, or use their online kitchen generator to plan your kitchen. IKEA’s advisers will help you draw and order the kitchen elements you need to build the kitchen that you aspire. If you want to see the bamboo up close and/or discuss your project with us, you are always welcome to drop us a line – and we will be more than happy to help you out.

2. Choose your favourite design

When you have decided on the final design for your kitchen and have the overview of the different doors and drawer fronts you need, then you are ready to send us your IKEA drawing along with your list of order. Additionally to your IKEA order, we encourage you to send us the information on what kind of handles you want, the colour of your new bamboo fronts and if you want horizontal or a vertical direction on your bamboo.

3. Delivery and installation

When your doors and drawer fronts  are ready for delivery or pick up, we will contact you. Our delivery time is at the moment 6-8 weeks. You can find more detailed information about counter top measurements and our bamboo doors, in our FAQ. When you have your IKEA cabinets in place, you are now ready to install the hinges from IKEA and our bamboo doors as instructed in the IKEA manual. 

Available Finishes


What does it cost?

Every project is unique. These examples will give you an indication of what the price range is. All prices are ex VAT, countertop and cupboards from IKEA.

€3 560 (ex VAT)
€4 770 (ex VAT)
€6 450 (ex VAT)