Antwerp Apartment

Ask og Eng x Común
Dorpsstraat 36, 2845 Niel
+32 492 51 50 89

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A Soulful Showroom

Want to experience our kitchen design in real life? Común opens its doors by appointment as ‘a home away from home' as a chance for you to discover our kitchens up close in Antwerp. A kitchen should be a place of great food, laughter and loving, a reflection of a lust for life. That is why we chose Común as our showroom in Belgium. The kitchen display our sense of aesthetics and our diligent manufacturing. You can even book an overnight stay in Común where you can take your time to experience the full luxury of Ask og Eng. On top of that, the cost of your sleepover will be deducted if you decide to order an Ask og Eng design.

A Purposeful Collaboration

As with much else we do, this 'home away from home' came about as a chance we had to grasp. After what felt like a predestined encounter in Marrakesh with Ellen, founder of Común, a purposeful collaboration arose. Ellen, Kine and Kristoffer instantly connected over so much more than just staying in the same Riad. Working in similar industries, having kids of the same age and most definitely sharing a valuable eye for aesthetics. That meeting filled with laughter and the immediate feeling of community, is what now has led Ask og Eng to Belgium. The start of many new and interesting projects.

About Común

Común is housed in the former monastery of the last sisters of Niel. The strongly female, spiritual energy the sisters left behind has been deliberately translated into a soulful event space. In Maison Jackie, craftmanship, interior design, fashion, food and yoga engage in an enriching dialogue.

Común is located at just 20 minutes from Antwerp and is easily accessible by train, bus or Waterbus from the center of Antwerp.

Dorpsstraat 36, 2845 Niel
+32 492 51 50 89