Copenhagen Apartment

An Eclectic Showroom

Want to experience our kitchen design in real life? Kate Wood opens her private door by appointment as ‘a home away from home' and a chance for you to discover our bamboo variations and kitchen up close.

A Genuine Collaboration

This "home away from home" came about after many years of collaboration. Kate contacted Kine and Kristoffer really early on in their journey of making Ask og Eng, and they have been working close ever since. Kate with her genuine and authentic love for materials and interior design has contributed to shaping the identity of Ask og Eng throughout the years and is the obvious person to start your journey towards your own Ask og Eng project.

About Kate Wood

Kate specializes in interiors, with more than fifteen years experience in consulting and styling for international brands & interior design for residential and commercial projects. Based in Copenhagen – but originally from the UK – Kate draws on her many years of experience collaborating with brands to develop their visual expression & styling innovative visual content for companies throughout the world. Working with a vast array of products, people and magazines, always focusing on creating a unique and personal expression for each project.

Kate is working in and around Copenhagen on private home projects to re-design and reshape living environments, with an overall aesthetic that will continue to remain fresh and classic over time.