The E collection

The E Collection comprises of a custom made service for sustainable furniture and kitchens. We design and build unique kitchen solutions for each individual customer – all in accordance to your aspirations and needs. The collection consists of everything from smaller pieces of furniture to full size kitchens, including kitchen appliances and counter tops.

For this scandic minimal cabin, located on the island of Hvaler, we made a light and simplistic kitchen that goes really well with the other materials related to nature and all the natural elments that you find just outside of the cabin. The mix of natural materials, big windows and light tones suggests blurred lines between inside and outside.

Cabin at Hvaler

Early 2016, we decided to look for a studio. After realizing that making bamboo furniture on our kitchen - and living room floors did not work anymore.

Studio Kitchen at Brakerøya

In this apartment at Torshov in Oslo, we designed and built a one of a kind – bathroom furniture.

Bathroom at Torshov
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The Process

how to buy a bespoke piece of furniture or kitchen with us

1. First inquiry

Get in touch here to either book an appointment with us in our showroom, or to send us your measurements and drawings for a quote.

2. First meeting

We prefer a first meeting to discuss your project, either in Oslo or by phone, to learn about what kind of kitchen you want.

3. Accepting offer

The offer contains a description and drawing of the design. And, upon request, an estimated price for the installation.

4. Installation

Our production time is about 12 weeks. For Norwegian clients, we have our own carpenters ready to install your new kitchen/furniture.

Available Finishes