Apartment at Grünerløkka

Located in the neighborhood of Grünerløkka in Oslo, not far from all the cafes and small parks in the city, this apartment was thourogly renovated and transformed in to a bright and warm space.

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The client for the interior renovation of this classical apartment, typical for its neighborhood, with generous ceiling height and many small rooms, wanted to transform the space from an old, rustic interior into a contemporary, more minimal living space. We made the general palette clean and crisp, with materials such as dark bamboo, light wooden floors and white surfaces which provide a cozy, yet minimal and airy feel to the space.

"One usually associate bamboo with the striped variant, but after seeing Ask and Engs work with compressed bamboo, I realized that you could also get a more high end, minimal look and more refined surfaces. That it is sustainable just makes it extra meaningful".

- Anja Marheim, editor