Bathroom at Torshov

In this apartment at Torshov in Oslo, we designed and built a one of a kind – bathroom furniture. With custom joinery and bespoke solutions, we transformed the bathroom from its original state. Everything, including the basin, is made out of bamboo. The general palette is clean and materials such as minimal tiles, bamboo and large mirror gives the room contrasts, depth and an organic feel within the small space. Quality finishes and the custom made bamboo door contribute to making this bathroom something a bit out of the ordinary.

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However upstairs it was not that separated and til now we have had two bedrooms. But we wanted to give the boys each their separate bedroom and to treat our selves with a fully functional home office. Since we are working so much from home. Therefore, this time, instead of tearing down a wall, we actually put up a wall to give us three bedrooms and a home office.

We reused much of the furniture we had from before, such as the string shelf, sofa and tables. But built our selves a storage/office space from Ikea kitchen cabinets and doors from our A collection. We chose to go with our color WHEAT as we wanted that subtle, but yet warm look.

Our A7 bamboo shelf
Desk made by hand by Woodchuck
Our A11 Basic shelf

One of our old prototype tables that we still keep at home.