Studio Kitchen at Brakerøya

Early 2016, we decided to look for a studio. After realizing that making bamboo furniture on our kitchen - and living room floors did not work anymore.

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It was alsokind of a huge step for us, sort of a milestone; like, now we are really doingthis. Nerve racking and super exciting at the same time. But when we cameacross this old industrial building, with high glas ceilings and big windows,quite near Drammensfjorden, and with easy exit from the high way, we feltwe had found our place. And the fact that Kristoffer´s grandfather and fatherhad been working there several years ago, made it feel just even more right. Itwas almost as if it all was meant to be. 

We did not do much to the place, as we loved it as it were. However we did put up a wall, so we got a separate showroom and workshop. We painted the walls and off course installed our handmade bamboo kitchen and other bamboo furniture.