All kitchens, bathroom furniture and other furniture from Ask and Eng are supplied with a surface treatment. The bamboo is treated first with pigmented oil, and then it gets a top treatment with hard wax oil. This makes the bamboo resistant to water spills and wear.

Like any other natural product, the bamboo should be treated after a period of time, approx. once a year to every two years, or as much as the amount of wear and tear demands.

For  simple  maintenance  of  your  bamboo  kitchen  or  furniture  we  recommend  that  you use  a  cloth and only water. For tougher stains we recommend using a cleaning  spray  from  Osmo.  This  will  remove  stains  and  also  leave  a  bit  of  hard wax  oil  at  the  top,  which  will  make  your  product  last  longer.

For a bit more powerful maintenance we recommend that you top coat your product with transparent hard wax oil.

Contact us for product recommendation, and further instructions on maintenance. All of the above products can be bought with us.