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Process when buying a custom-made piece of furniture or kitchen


1. Book an appointment

If you wish to buy a piece of furniture in a custom size, or in a custom design, we encourage you to book an appointment with us at our showroom.

2. First meeting

We will meet for an initial discussion about your project.  We will talk more about your wishes and necessities, and the aesthetics and functionality of the furniture/kitchen. We offer a wide range of kitchen necessities, such as Corian counter tops, taps from Vola, Bora cooktops and Neff appliances. 

3. Receiving and accepting an offer

The offer contains a description and a drawing of the design. And, if requested, an estimated price for the installation. It also allows for one feedback from you and one adjustment made hereafter.

 If you wish to accept the offer, the first payment of 40% of the total price will be billed, and then we will start the process of making drawings to the craftsmen. The production time will be about 8 - 12 weeks.

4. Kitchen installation

In Norway, we have our own carpenters ready to help you install your custom-made kitchen/furniture. An estimated price of this, and a start- up date, will be included in the offer, if requested. Noteworthy; Installations done by other carpenters, are done at your own risk.

5. Furniture pick up/installation

When your furniture is ready for pick up or installation, we will contact you.